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Your website is what you present to the world. It represents your business or whatever you want the world to see about you. If you want to create a good impression, you have to make sure that your website is designed properly.

It is more than just throwing together some text and images together. There should be good organization of content so it makes sense to your site’s visitors. This article will discuss ways that you can give your website visitors a good user experience.

Your website no doubt will have images. Images with large file sizes will slow down the load time of your web page. You have probably experienced this yourself when you are on the web. Sitting there waiting for a large page to load, line by line, can cause frustration.

Many people end up leaving slow-loading sites instead of waiting around for the load to finish. Do not let that happen to your website. Reduce the file size of your images with your graphics editor.

The images that you select for your website should be appropriate for your audience. What is the message that you want to convey? When the right images are used, you can really drive home the point that you are trying to make. However, when the wrong images are used, it will cause confusion among your visitors and distract your readers from the real message.

Your website should be pleasing to the eye. When a visitor first lands on your page, he should have the impression that it is a place where he wants to stay a while and explore. Keep your website clean and not cluttered. Imagine going into a store where the merchandise is thrown over the place without organization. No one wants to stay at a place like that. The same goes with your website. If elements of your website are not organized and your visitors have a hard time finding what they want, they will leave and never come back.

Keep your layout simple. Even seasoned web design professionals stick with the tried-and-true basic layouts because it just makes a better presentation. Sometimes, a website will have a splash page that appears before the main website appears, just to give visitors some brief visual interest. The splash page can be a single, eye-catching image with a very clear way to get to the main content. Frequently, the splash page automatically redirects the user to the main website after a few seconds of inactivity. Use this technique only if you know what you know what you are doing and if the splash page does not interfere with your main content.

Be sure that your text content is easy to read. No one wants to read a huge block of text on a computer screen. This is hard on the eyes. Allow adequate spacing between lines and paragraphs. Use standard font families for a cleaner look.

Keep these tips in mind. By adhering to some basic principles, you can create a website that visitors will enjoy.

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