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When you build your own web page you need to understand that the field is ever changing and the primary concern is how the search engine providers view your site. Obviously high quality content will lead to a continual stream of traffic but if the site is not designed properly, your ranking will be low and few people will find you.

This article will offer some suggestions to ensure a good ranking and that your target niche will have no issues seeing your site when they search for relevant keywords. If you are looking to build your own website, this article will assist you in making your site a success so please continue reading for more information.

Search engine optimization is a priority in order to achieve a high ranking in search engines. There is far more to it than loading the page with relevant keywords, don’t go more than 2 per 150 words or they may penalize you by the way.

You also need to be concerned with your links as they all need to be working as well as other pages that link to you as the more that do the higher your rank.

Don’t just set up dummy pages to link to your site as this will also hurt you. Those pages need to have relevant content as well and a good idea is to simply work out affiliations with others to link to so the crawlers know the sites are legitimate.

Your keywords need to be relevant to the topic you are publishing content on meaning you should not just drop popular keyword on your site to try and get more interest when they have little to do with your subject matter.

Always stick with a professional layout and one or two standard fonts to ensure that your site does not have compatibility issues with different operating systems and browsers. This will also prevent issues on smartphones as those operating systems are extremely limited in the fonts they recognize.

Obviously you want your site to stand out from others but again we need to remember those portable devices everyone uses today. These devices are small in nature and have smaller processors leading to difficulties loading pages that have been ramped up with animations, videos and large images. It is fine to add graphics as long as they are moderate in size and load easily on all platforms and operating systems.

Keep navigational panels and buttons or tabs easy to find and simple to use. There is no need to go crazy trying to be artistic by blending these into the background of the layout. Keep everything simple and allow the visitor the ability to navigate through your site quickly.

Finally, remember the costs for your design. When you include this with monthly hosting fees and realize that it takes time to generate enough income to offset your costs, you will understand the need for a budget and the importance of sticking to it. Not only is your time worth money you won’t see for awhile but expensive design methods such as flash based content will not lead to any additional income to make them worthwhile.

Keeping these suggestions in mind when you design your site will make the experience a whole lot simpler. You will be able to focus more on what matters, such as creating interesting content, and spend more time on small tweaks to improve the site as opposed to a complete overhaul where you have to start from scratch.

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